Fastcorp's robotic arm is based on a modular Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA) design, used widely throughout the assembly manufacturing industry and aims to mimic the motion of a human arm.  With full range of motion on it's X axis while bolted in place on the Y axis, the robot delivers fantastic range of motion, speed and precision while using little space. 

  • Best in class vending versatility
  • Vends all shapes and sizes
  • Robotic simplicity allows for minimal number of parts and motors
  • No moving parts in the freezer- increases reliability 
  • Vends up to 2 lbs in stock configuration, 4 lbs with special picker tip
  • Simple programming- position robot manually and save product location
  • Robotic entertainment captures impulse sales, where applicable

Once the robot determines location of product, the powerful vacuum picker tip is engaged to grasp the product and deliver to the end user. 

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