• Best in class vending versatility
  • Vends all shapes and sizes
  • Robotic simplicity allows for minimal number of parts and motors
  • No moving parts in the freezer- increases reliability
  • Modular SCARA robot design
  • Vends up to 2 lbs in stock configuration, 4 lbs with special picker tip
  • Novel robotic entertainment captures impulse sales
  • Simple programming- position robot manually and save product location.

FastCorp LLC is the world leader in robotic vending technology and frozen robotic vending machines. Robots have been used for decades in automotive assembly plants because they offer versatility and efficiency equal to none. That same principle has been applied to FastCorp’s line of reliable robotic technology.

FastCorp has successfully applied its vacuum robotic technology to both frozen and non-frozen vending for almost two decades. In frozen applications, this robotic format eliminates the need for numerous motors, spirals and conveyors found in antiquated competitive technologies. In addition, all moving parts are integrated outside the freezer compartment to prevent component damage caused by internal moisture and other environmental factors. No moving parts in the refrigerated cabinet substantially increases mechanical reliability of all FastCorp frozen robotic vending machines.

In 2009, the Evolution frozen vendor was introduced. Featuring a new, state-of-the-art SCARA-style robot, the Evolution can be configured to vend products up to 4 lbs. The new design has even fewer parts than its predecessors, offers greater programming accuracy, and, coupled with new vending controller technology, is even easier to program. Other non-vacuum robotic dispensing methods are possible and are currently being developed and implemented for specific product applications.

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